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The soundtrack for Christmastime and the best time of the year! The ‘Winter Hit’ 2020/2021

The German rock band ‘The Joshua Steeven’ has released a song with the very fitting and striking title ‘Listen to the Silent Night (Cry)’ as their single for Christmastime in this exceptional year of 2020.

‘The Joshua Steeven’ perform the hit ballad as a very special and expressive rock number to welcome in the best time of the year.

The song is not really a Christmas song, but it could be one of the most beautiful. And the message is clear: it is the ultimate soundtrack relating to hope, love and the unshakeable desire to maintain a belief in something and not to lose it.

‘Listen to the Silent Night (Cry)’ takes a totally different stance to the usual Christmas songs, and the song title in itself is a message around the world: take a moment to reflect.

The power ballad is an exceptional song for an exceptional era. The accompanying video clip to ‘Listen… (Cry)’ was filmed in New York City.

The American film producer and director Paul Yates, known for his unusual method of working, is generally responsible for the filming of the band in New York City.

‘The Joshua Steeven’ are Josh Weimeea (guitar and vocals, songwriter), Steeve Tiobueno (vocals and bass) and Mario Trapani (keyboards).

The repertoire of the band is an explosive and diverse mixture of driving rock, memorable ballads and laid-back groove. The band perform their songs with an individual and unmistakable style, an energy-laden sound and irresistible hook lines.



  • RSMusic
  • Eidelsgasse 31
  • Freudenberg
  • Baden-Württemberg
  • 97896
  • Germany

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheJoshuaSteeven
  • RSMusic includes the music label Rattlesnake Shotgun Music and Rattlesnake Shotgun Publishing. The label stands under the motto 'just make good music' mainly for melodic, stylish and modern rock and pop. But other genres such as dance are also served.
    The spectrum stretches across an explosive and varied mix of driving rock music, memorable ballads and cool grooves.

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Weimer Sabinehttps://www.facebook.com/TheJoshuaSteeven
RSMusic beinhaltet das Musiklabel Rattlesnake Shotgun Music und den Verlag Rattlesnake Shotgun Publishing. Das Label steht unter dem Motto ‚just make good music‘ hauptsächlich für melodischen, stylischen und modernen Rock und Pop. Aber auch weitere Genres wie Dance werden bedient. Unter der Marke RSMedia werden auch weitere Bereiche aus der Medienbranche bedient.

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